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There is a quick and easy way to master transfer pricing, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office  — even if you’re currently not a tax expert.

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…You’re not alone.  We have more than 10,000 visitors a month on this website looking for an answer to these questions.

To answer them, we created a simple and elegant solution with the following benefits

Obtain a deep understanding of transfer pricing

Explore transfer pricing methods in detail

Understand the laws, and how to comply with them

Apply essential transfer pricing tools with ease

Discover the key to a successful policy

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People Like You Who Love it

Zofia Mika

“Practical guidance accessible for everyone who’s interested in transfer pricing. Very well written, clear, full of examples and case studies .. Great piece of work! Huge compliments to the authors!”

Zofia Mika
Global Transfer Pricing Manager at Arcadis

Ruud Waals

“Very well written, very clear, and I like the approach you have of transfer pricing.”

Ruud Waals
Tax director, RM2 Group, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Tim Mulder Testimonial

“This book is great. The authors explain transfer pricing in simple terms and have included a large number of useful examples. In my view this is a must read for any professional who deals with transfer pricing.”

Tim Mulder LL.M.
DLA Piper, Tax Lawyer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Alexandros Testimonial

“Had a read through the TP manual last weekend. Awesome. Its very explanatory. I love it! Simple language simple examples. Makes sense. Man felt like my ACA student days. It felt like reading my ICEAW manual. You can take that as a compliment. The manuals were very good! Its not an easy task to explain something out of a book.”

Alexandros Philippides, Ba, ACA (ICAEW), IMCM
One World, Cyprus, Director

Joy Testimonial

“Thank you for these materials! I am reading through them currently. The book is well organized and easy to understand with good examples which makes it enjoyable.”

Joy Elizabeth Hall
Student, United States

Tim Testimonial

“This book is a product that everyone working in an in-house tax or transfer pricing role should have on their desk. What sets it apart from other TP related books is the practical approach. Unlike many other publications, it gives good quality examples and solutions for real life TP cases and it is not limited to addressing OECD TP guidance only.”

Tim Dopmeijer
Regional Head of Tax, Arcadis Middle East

What we've Created:

Transfer Pricing: Rules and Practice

A clear and easy-to-read guidebook, revealing all you need to know.

It focuses on reality, rather than theory. The lessons learned from it can be applied to real business situations and transactions.  Dealing with transfer pricing issues will be a breeze!

This book is easily understood — even if English is not your native tongue, or if you don’t have a background in (tax) law.  We spell each topic out in detail, with images, examples and cases.

We worked hard to create the best product available.  Because we invested the time to base this book on real world experience and questions from our readers, we are confident it answers all your questions.

What Topics are Covered?

Seven chapters divide this book.  Each introduces essential tools and resources, and step-by-step systems you can use when meeting your regulatory obligations.

Chapter 1 tells you exactly what transfer pricing is.  It breaks down key concepts, such as: Associated Enterprises, Controlled Transactions and the Arm’s Length Principle.

Chapter 2 outlines why transfer pricing is such a hot topic, diving into “profit shifting” and “erosion of the tax-base.”  It shines a light on the attention it gets from politicians, lobby groups and the media, and how this contributed to the world-wide implementation of (broadly similar) legislation.

Chapter 3 unveils a “Nine-Step Process” for pricing transactions.  It reveals where you can find internal and external prices for your benchmark – and how to correctly analyze this data.

Chapter 4 examines the five transfer pricing methods. It lays out when each should be used.  Next, we reveal a simple (but essential) tool to fortify your transfer pricing against challenges from tax authorities — preventing potential audits and disputes.

Chapter 5 raises the bar with “Seven Building Blocks” to construct documentation from scratch.  By doing this yourself, you can save time and legal fees.

Chapter 6 spells out how to craft a transfer pricing policy and integrate this in the day-to-day practice of a MN.  It discusses overcoming the practical hurdles you’ll likely encounter.  Lastly, it includes drafting tips for transfer pricing agreements, another crucial component often overlooked.

Chapter 7 isolates common focus points of tax authorities, and presents five measures you can take to avoid audits and disputes.

Annex I includes additional guidance on the creation of the Master File, the Local File and the Country-by-Country Report.

Yes, each essential aspect is included.  If you want exact details on the topics covered, check out the Table of Contents…

Table of Contents

But that’s not all…

Bonus #1Training Module

To test if you’re ready for battle, we’ve created a Transfer Pricing Training Module.  This dynamic and challenging training sharpens your instincts, and prepares you for a life in the trenches of the modern transfer pricing practice.

It starts with twenty multiple choice questions. Most can easily be answered with the help of the book.  Others, require you to navigate through external sources — introducing the exact-same resources professionals use on a daily basis.

Next, you’ll encounter six unique cases based on our experience in the field.  These are more challenging.  You’ll need to use everything in your new toolkit when exploring advanced topics such as:

This type of training is currently not on the market.  And what’s more, you can consume this training wherever you feel comfortable, and come back to it as often as you like.

Currently, seminars are the most common method of learning.  They often cover only primary, or very specific topics, go too fast or too slow, and seldom teach you what you need.  Moreover, they cost up to USD 1,000 USD to attend — excluding the costs for travel, hotels and hours lost.

And there’s more…

Bonus #2Case Law

There is an increasing number of transfer pricing disputes, which are often fought out in court. The resulting case law provides valuable insights on strategies and positions of taxpayers and tax authorities alike. Case law is where the rubber meets the road!

Accordingly, this second bonus cuts through seven interesting court cases like a laser.  We analyze what the MNE in question did and how this led to a dispute.  We look at the rulings, and provide analysis as to why the cases ended as they did.

Case law deepens your understanding of transfer pricing, and helps you become more knowledgeable and confident.  And interestingly enough, you’ll see the lessons from our course directly back in court-rulings.


Yes, this book is written based on the OECD Guidelines, which is what is being implemented worldwide. It is true there are small variations in the interpretations by domestic legislatiors. We account for those. The general principles, however, are the same everywhere. More over, we have practical experience with transfer pricing in Europe, North- and South America and Asia (of course).
The practical information you’ll find in this course will never be on our website. Some theory is similar in the book, but updated, more detailed and with extra examples for the most profound understanding.
Yes, we wrote this material as simply as possible. One of the reason our articles are successful on the Internet is exactly because they are easy to read. This means that even if your English isn’t 100% perfect, this book is by far the best option out there.

This course is written for a wide audience. This means everybody can grab it and quickly gain a deep understanding on transfer pricing. However, it is most useful for:

* In-house tax/finance professionals
* Accountants / Tax advisors
* Students
* Tax directors/managers
* Independent advisors
* Tax authorities
* Everybody else in need of a deeper understanding of transfer pricing

You can find the answers to the questions included at the end of the training Module.

Yes, we included a unique publication dedicated to case-law. Moreover, we included many example cases in the book and training module.

In short, because this was written for people like you. We addressed what the biggest challenges are, what information is missing, and what the biggest struggles are for understanding transfer pricing.

Next, we have a combined 19 years of professional working experience to quickly cut to the chase and tell you what is important. What methods are used and when. What tax authorities look at (and how to deal with them). How to implement a policy into an organization. Where to find good data to compare. Where to set prices. And much more!

Unfortunately, existing papers and books written on transfer pricing don’t cover the topic well. In addition, the guidelines from the OECD are too vague. But worse, nothing discusses the reality businesses face now transfer pricing regulation has been rolled out worldwide.
We fixed this. This book wasn’t created overnight. If you include the articles we used, this book was produced over a period of almost three years. During this time, we got a good idea of what is needed.

We are excited about this book! It can help you handle this topic better. Transfer pricing isn’t rocket-science. But it isn’t a picnic either. It surely is poorly explained; and not widely understood.

The most important players, such as the Big 4, do not want to reveal their tactics. This would mean more competition, and more informed clients. They have ZERO interest in this.

Luckily, you found this book. By reading it – and studying the examples, cases and questions – you’ll join a small group of insiders who understand transfer pricing.

The Creators

Martijn de Lange LL.M. (hons)

Transfer Pricing Course Expert IMartijn is a transfer pricing expert with more than 12 years of professional experience working in London, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

He started his career at the international tax department of Deloitte. He then obtained a position as a tax lawyer at Loyens & Loeff, a renowned tax law firm in the Netherlands. While there, Martijn successfully expanded the firm’s transfer pricing practice in the Netherlands and Asia. He then continued to work as an in-house Tax Director at a listed multinational, assuming responsibility for tax matters in the Asian region, and co-founded Transfer Pricing Asia. Besides his continued involvement in Transfer Pricing Asia, Martijn now works as an insurance broker specialised in tax insurance.

Martijn often lectures and publishes on transfer pricing.  His key accomplishments include:

Martijn holds degrees in Tax Law (hons) and Corporate Law from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Wesley Thysse Msc.

Transfer Pricing Course Expert IIWesley is a transfer pricing expert with more than a decade of professional working experience in Europe and Asia.

Wesley started his career in finance.  He worked as a project controller at Multi Real Estate, a large developer of iconic shopping malls in Europe.  He later settled in Dubai where, as a corporate service provider, he assisted entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals with international tax planning and legal structuring.

In 2014, he moved to Asia and started a small consultancy firm.  He has since helped 100’s of SME’s and HNW-individuals with international tax and transfer pricing issues.  In 2016, he started the website “Transfer Pricing Asia” to serve the region.  It is now visited by more than 10,000 finance and tax professionals per month.

Wesley holds a Msc. degree in Management from the University of Greenwich, London.

The Price

I guess by now you are convinced this is great.  I bet you have a few questions. How much does it cost?  Am I guaranteed to get the result I need?  How do I get my hands on it?

Before we dive into that, let’s recap what you’re getting:

The Book – Transfer Pricing: Rules & Practice: The most complete guidebook on practical transfer pricing currently on the market.  It’s hard to place a value on this book, because it provides many short-cuts not found anywhere else:

Bonus 1 – Transfer Pricing Training: A fun and challenging set of questions, ranging from basic to advanced topics.

Frankly, there is no other material that can be studied at your own pace, is accessible online, and doesn’t focus on a specific country.  I found a Fundamentals of Transfer Pricing course from a famous tax institute, covering only the topics in the first two chapters of our guidebook.

The price they charge: 674 USD (Excl VAT).

Bonus 2 – Case Law Review: A unique look under the veil of transfer pricing disputes by analyzing real-world court rulings.

Imagine your first steps into case-law would consist of having to go through a 286-page court ruling.  Luckily, we have done this for you. It comes as a free bonus, to the already extensive content in the book and training module.

You might expect to find all this value behind a massive price-wall.  But I want to make this product inclusive, and available to a wide-range of our visitors.

Therefore, this complete package is available for only 197 USD.

This is less than you’d have to pay for one hour of our time, less than any one-day seminar out there, and far less than any course available.

How it Works

After you made the choice to purchase, you’ll automatically receive three PDF files.  You can save them anywhere, and open them with Adobe, or any other program (such as your browser).  The are no restrictions or passwords.  Once it’s yours, it’s yours.

You‘ll have unlimited access to the material.  You can print it, or upload it to your phone or tabled.  Read it when you want.  Use it when you need to solve a transfer pricing puzzle.

The laws have been implemented.  Aren’t you ready yet?  Then you need this product and no-one else is offering it.  It’s a great product: and frankly all you need to start tackling transfer pricing issues today.

What if You Don't Like it?

If you don’t like the product for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund and you can keep the book and the bonuses. You’re not risking a cent. For accounting reasons, just let us know within 30 days if you want a refund.

This guarantee eliminates all risk on your end so you have nothing to worry about. You can rest easy knowing that you’re safe and protected with this wonderful investment in your career.

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