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Inter-Company Agreements

We have created transfer pricing compliant agreement templates for the most common controlled transactions. You can buy them separately, or in a package with a steep discount. We have these templates available:

Transfer Pricing Policy

We have created a policy template specifically for intercompany services. It helps you create guidelines on implementation in any organization.

It establishes the following:

Transfer Pricing Master-File

We are in the process of creating a master-file template. It will be unique and complete and the best way for you to stay compliant.

...Coming Soon!

Other Transfer Pricing Templates

Is there a specific type of transfer pricing template you are interested in?

Please let us know what you need for your business. We have a large number of documents available and are currently publishing more.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Our templates have the Following Characteristics:

“Thank you so much Wesley!
I really appreciate that you forwarded this agreement! I was leaning towards implementing this ourselves as the companies are related and not much damage can come from getting the contract or the policy a bit wrong, as long as we are compliant. This contract will help us tremendously!

Have a great weekend!

Alex Frem
Director of Finance - Staffvirtual