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Inter-Company Agreements

We created transfer pricing compliant agreement templates for the most common controlled transactions. You can buy them separately, or in a package with a steep discount. We have these templates available:

Transfer Pricing Policy

We created this transfer pricing policy template specifically for intercompany services. It helps you create guidelines for the implementation of TP in any organization.
It establishes the following:

Transfer Pricing Master-File

We created a comprehensive Master File. It provides a high-level overview of the MNE group’s global business structure and activities. It also explains the global transfer pricing policies.

It cointains the following:

Tax Policy

We created this Tax Policy Template to help you streamline tax (not just transfer pricing) within a Multinational Enterprise. It lets you create an overview of all tax affairs and manage them in a compliant manner.

It establishes the following:

Other Transfer Pricing Templates

Is there a specific type of transfer pricing template you are interested in?

Please let us know what you need for your business. We have a large number of documents available and are currently publishing more.

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Our templates have the Following Characteristics:

“Thank you so much Wesley!
I really appreciate that you forwarded this agreement! I was leaning towards implementing this ourselves as the companies are related and not much damage can come from getting the contract or the policy a bit wrong, as long as we are compliant. This contract will help us tremendously!

Have a great weekend!


Alex Frem
Director of Finance - Staffvirtual, US/Philippines

“Our new US accountants were happy with our TP method proposal thanks to the great templates and information provided on your website. We were therefore able to defer a more comprehensive transfer pricing analysis to a later stage when the US business is taking off. Transfer Pricing Asia has helped us enormously to jump over the pond and I can highly recommend Transfer Pricing Asia!”

Daniela Andrich MD MSc FRCS
CEO - Urethrotech Ltd, UK